Updating Our Front Porch

When we bought our house one of the biggest selling points for me was the front porch. It wasn't anything special, but just like any good southern girl I love porches and always dreamed of having my own one day. Our house was built in 1987 and while the inside of the house had been updated prior to us buying it, the porch definitely showed it's age in more way than one. First some of the railing slates were missing and on one side the bottom rail was broken where it connected to the column, then there was the fact that they were just old and dingy looking, and another thing that I wasn't big on was how small the columns were, they didn't quite pack the punch I wanted them to. But the idea of knocking the existing columns out scared the bejeezus out of me.

All I could see was the porch roof falling down and having a huge homeowners insurance disaster ha! But then I remembered a post I saw on the Young House Love blog about how they just boxed in the existing columns which made the process simpler and seem much less scary to me! Here is the "tutorial" we followed, the only difference is that our columns smaller in size because they started out smaller(they were 3x3, now they are 5x5). 

No turning back now! 

Brinley was intent on helping us do all the prep work. She did a great job pulling
 nails and even wielding a rubber mallet.

My hot and handy husband cutting the boards. Don't you love how the porch decor
doubles as a saw horse!?

One down...SIX to go! 

Taped and ready to paint! 

We decided to spray the columns because we were also painting the roof of the porch as well
as the underpinnings and the little bit of siding we have. 


We added a flower bed on the right side and I love it so much.

After(top) and before(bottom). The difference just blows my mind. It's so
much brighter and more welcoming.

My happy place.

The next project we are tackling is the interior hollow core doors that I hate! They are the only thing left in the house that screams "80s" and they have to go. 

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