Let's Rewind

The last time I sat down and wrote a blog about my life I was 30-something weeks pregnant with surrogate twins, that was over a year ago so needless to say there is updating to be done.

First the twin girls were born in July right at 37 weeks. I went for my regular check-up and while doing a typical internal exam my doctor said my water was "bulging" and as he continued the exam it broke. So that was fun. The mother of the babies and her family were there for the birth but sadly things kind of blew up from there. Due to the position of baby b we opted for a c-section, unfortunately my doctor was not on call during the the birth so the on call doctor didn't let the mother into the operating room. She was upset to say the least and decided it was somehow my fault the doctor made that call(hospital policy is immediate family only in the OR, my OB was willing to allow both my husband and the babies mother in). And I never heard a word from her after I was wheeled into the operating room. I'm okay with that though. One day I hope to do surrogacy again and have a lasting relationship with family after delivery. 

The following March we took a family trip to Disney World, with the exception of my step-dad it was all of our first times going. It was an incredible trip and we loved every second of it. So much so we are going back this March to do it all over again! After our first trip I completely understand why people become "Disney obsessed" I'm now of those people!

The Magic Kingdom! 

Our whole family at Epcot

Of course we couldn't do Disney World without taking out girl to the
 Bippity Boppity Boutique for a princess make over

Talking to Cinderella before we had dinner at Cinderella's Castle

Dinner at Ohana's

During the same time we were planning our Disney trip, we bought a house. We actually officially closed on our house two hours before we left for Disney World. It couldn't have been more perfect! We love it and are enjoying doing home improvement projects on the weekends. I'm sure I'll be posting our renovations and DIY projects here as well.
Home Sweet Home. :-)

Brinley's bedroom. Perfect for a princess!
New bedding is about as far as we've gotten with our bedroom
(and lets not even talk about the master bathroom it's a mess)
Brinley's playroom
Playroom stage that PawPaw built Brinley for her 5th birthday

My kitchen. This is my happy place!

Brinley started preschool in August and loves it. It was an adjustment for me, but she has been blessed with two of the most amazing teacher that have ever been(at least in my opinion). She has made so many new friends and I've been able to make some friends as well, so that's been nice.


I also started taking online college courses in August, it's been great! I really enjoy challenging my mind and learning new things. Bryan just finished his 2nd semester at a local university and he's doing great! Somehow he manages to work 12+ hours a day and keep up with classes without a problem.

So that's basically what we've up to since I disappeared from the blogging world! :-)

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