Brinley's Trip to American Girl

Earlier this week Bryan and I decided to was time to get Brinley her first American Girl doll. The girls I babysit each have one and she has loved playing with them, she asked us the other day when she could getan American Girl that looked like her and we decided to surprise her with a trip this weekend. 

We had to drive 5 hours to Dallas, Texas to get to the store but it was beyond worth it! She and I both were in heaven. 

Once we knew we were going to go I made reservations at the bistro and it was so much fun! We had originally planned to do get there pick out her doll and all the accessories and then eat dinner. But we had a few setbacks and got a late start, that combined with Dallas traffic caused us to be there about 10 minutes before our 6pm reservation time so Brinley didn't have a doll. BUT the restaurant has a whole bunch of dolls girls without dolls can borrow for their meal! I had no idea they offered that but I thought it was such a nice touch. 

They also give the dolls little high chairs and tea cups. Brinley brough
in her honey bunny lovey and they were so nice to give her a high chair and teacup too. 

Miss Manners putting her napkin in her lap. 

My heart. 
Finally! It was time to get her doll. We told her she could pick any one she wanted and after looking at every single doll in the store she picked "The Girl of the Year" Isabelle. 

Excited much?

Blurry but I had to include this. She was reading to her doll in the car. 

We literally closed down the store, we were there for 3.5 hours! Once we left we went to the mall which is right next door and did some clothes shopping. By the time we were done it was after 10pm so we decided to get a room and stay in Dallas(originally it was just going to be a day trip)

So of course we had to make one last stop at American Girl before leaving! How could we not!?  Brinley picked our a few more things for Isabelle and we headed home. 

Notice daddy in the background carrying our stuff? We've taught him well. 

They had to pose the same way. :-)

It was such a great weekend, even if it was busy and we barely stopped going it was so nice to get away and get a change of scenery. 

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