A Weekend Project

About two years ago my mom gave us her old kitchen table, it was in perfect condition and it was great...minus the fact that it was black which isn't really my style. I'm a more shabby chic kind of girl, and the black table is just so harsh and dark. And when we bought our house I knew I wanted a "shabby chic" or "french country" feel and the black table just completely clashed with the yellow we painted our kitchen in my mind. I had been considering painting it forever, but I was chicken to be honest and was scared I'd mess it up. But I finally got the courage up this weekend and painted it. It turned out SO well in my opinion!

I was so anxious I forgot to take a before photo but I do have this one, I took it right after we finished the kitchen renovation so the picture quality isn't great.

My little helper!


I am seriously in love with the look of it! It's so pretty and brightens up the kitchen. I'm thinking about adding padding and fabric to the seats but I'll have to wait and see. I'm a little nervous because I don't want the fabric to get gross which is kind of unavoidable with a 5 year old! Maybe scotch guarding the fabric will work? We'll have to see.

The "how to" is SO easy. I used Glidden brand paint from Walmart of all places, I had never used this brand before so I was nervous about the quality but it was excellent, it went on smoothly and it only took two coats of paint which is impressive I think. I didn't do any prep to the table whatsoever, I just literally started painting. I used just regular latex semi-gloss paint too. I saw some tutorials on pinterest that said to use oil based but I know that stuff is hard to use and plus the fumes are killer. So I went with the other suggestion and did semi-gloss. I've already had to wipe it down after meals a few times and it's fine so I don't think it'll be an issue. 

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