Updating Our Front Porch

When we bought our house one of the biggest selling points for me was the front porch. It wasn't anything special, but just like any good southern girl I love porches and always dreamed of having my own one day. Our house was built in 1987 and while the inside of the house had been updated prior to us buying it, the porch definitely showed it's age in more way than one. First some of the railing slates were missing and on one side the bottom rail was broken where it connected to the column, then there was the fact that they were just old and dingy looking, and another thing that I wasn't big on was how small the columns were, they didn't quite pack the punch I wanted them to. But the idea of knocking the existing columns out scared the bejeezus out of me.

All I could see was the porch roof falling down and having a huge homeowners insurance disaster ha! But then I remembered a post I saw on the Young House Love blog about how they just boxed in the existing columns which made the process simpler and seem much less scary to me! Here is the "tutorial" we followed, the only difference is that our columns smaller in size because they started out smaller(they were 3x3, now they are 5x5). 

No turning back now! 

Brinley was intent on helping us do all the prep work. She did a great job pulling
 nails and even wielding a rubber mallet.

My hot and handy husband cutting the boards. Don't you love how the porch decor
doubles as a saw horse!?

One down...SIX to go! 

Taped and ready to paint! 

We decided to spray the columns because we were also painting the roof of the porch as well
as the underpinnings and the little bit of siding we have. 


We added a flower bed on the right side and I love it so much.

After(top) and before(bottom). The difference just blows my mind. It's so
much brighter and more welcoming.

My happy place.

The next project we are tackling is the interior hollow core doors that I hate! They are the only thing left in the house that screams "80s" and they have to go. 


Real Life Kid's Rooms Link Up

So back in March I posted about the makeover we did on the girl's room, but since then I have changed the bedding and thought why not join the link up and share the new look again and show of the new bedding at the same time. It's still my favorite room in the house! 

 This picture is looking from the closet into the room. The dresser is a $100 flea market steal that we painted white to match the bunk bed (it was originally black). We painted it and then sealed it with polyacrylic to make it shiny and protect the finish. The mirror over the dresser is from Kirklands, the lamp shade, letter "B" and the light switch are all covered in gold glitter (modpodge-glitter-modpodge-seal---TADA!) The pictures on the wall are from Hobby Lobby and the bench is another flea market find that we just recovered. The girl's sit and read on it and it also doubles as toy storage.

The bunkbed is from Walmart of all places, but the quality is amazing! The bedding is from Target. I like this look so much better than the original teal ruffle bedding, it has a much cleaner look. The bins under the bed are $9 clearance finds from HomeGoods.

My favorite part of the room---the leopard print wall! We hired a local artist to paint it. Oh and the pink paint is "Girlfriend" Clark and Kensington (what's funny is I just realized the pink paint is nearly identical to the background of my blog!). The black closet curtains are from Walmart. 

Panorama of the room. 


Life Lately

We have been so busy the past few weeks, I feel like I never get a chance to really sit down and just relax! First of all Bryan got a huge promotion at work and is finally back on day shift. I can't tell you how glad I am to have him home at night again! Working night has it's perks but I much prefer having him home at night. Of course on the flip side is the fact that he is working 6 days a week because things are hectic at work and he has to be there. But it's par for the course and things will eventually calm down so he can get back to a more normal schedule(if you can call his work regular work schedule normal!). 

Brinley is about to finish her second year in cheer, and will be trying out for her third year in a couple weeks! We are really excited about it because this year we are going to let her try for full fledged allstar, we will get to travel a little more and got out of state a bit including a trip to Florida and the beach at the end of the year! She is also doing softball this year which is an interesting change of pace. She thinks its "okay" but it's definitely not her favorite like cheer, but she insisted on playing this year and of course we have to make her finish the season. 

We are also moving right along with the home renovation project(s) I mentioned a bit ago! The worst part is that the aforementioned 6 day work week for Bryan means we are trying to cram as much work as possible into one day, and it's a pretty big project so it seems like it's taking an extra long forever! We are in the home stretch though, and shouldn't be too much longer.

I also wanted to post some recent pictures.

The first few are from cheer pictures we had taken a couple months back,

End of the year cheer banquet. This girl was awarded the "sparkler award" which is essentially
teammate of the year. We are so proud of her! 

First softball game! She might not be much of a softball player but she sure is cute! 


Favorite Beauty Products

Anyone who knows me knows I don't wear a lot of make-up. I used to wear a full face of makeup in high school but after 7.5 years of being a stay-at-home mom it's just not necessary to my day. I wear it when we go out on the weekends and all of that but that is pretty much it. That said I do love to buy make-up...even though I rarely wear it ha! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite products that I do use and share them for Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life link up! 

One of the newest products I have is this amazing Revlon Photo Ready Eye Primer + Brightener. I bought it about 2 weeks ago and it's fantastic. I personally only use it as a brightener and apply it under my eyes so I can't speak for it's primer abilities.

I also LOVE this Sonia Kashuk luminating foundation. It gives my skin such a healthy glow and just brightens my face! I've also noticed that it works similarly to a lot of highlighting and contouring tips I've seen, but without all that work and makeup caked on your face!
Another product I can't live without is my beauty blender. I thought people were crazy for spending $20 on a make-up applicator but I'm telling you this is so worth it. 

I'm also a big fan of ELF products. They are dirt cheap but still work wonderfully in my opinion! This is the blush I use and it's only $3!

For skin care I use ELF Makeup Wipes which are great for removing even the most stubborn waterproof/long wear makeup. 

I'm also a big fan of neutrogena facial soap! (Fancy I know!) 


Brinley and Bre's Bedroom Makeover

If anyone missed it back in October my best friend and her 8 year old daughter moved in with us after a divorce. It has been amazing to have a "sister wife" around to help with house and kid stuff since Bryan works so much, and for the most part the girls get along really well(the are just like siblings some day are awesome and other days they want to kill each other lol)  

Well we decided that since we have two kids sharing a room we needed to have bunk beds, this lead to a complete room makeover that I personally think turned out amazingly wonderful. The girls love their new room and so do I, it just makes me so happy! 

This leopard print wall is my FAVORITE part of the whole room.
I found the idea on Pinterest and instantly fell in love! We had a local muralist come out
and do it for us. 

The beds that started it all! The bench in front of the window was a yardsale
find that I recovered in a cream upholstery fabric. The bedding and curtains from Target and believe
it or not the bunkbed itself is from Walmart I was leery to buy it but it had awesome reviews and the
quality is AMAZING. The bins under the bed are on wheels and we use them for toys and shoes. They came from HomeGoods. 

The wall above their dresser. Another favorite feature. The light switch plat, letter B and the lampshade are all covered in gold glitter.
It was really easy to do, I covered them all in Mod Podge,  sprinkled a bunch of glitter on them,  then let it dry, then spray it with a glitter sealer so it wouldn't flake off. It's worked really well so far! 

Dresser which was a  $100 flea market find (the dresser is made by Bassett so we got a heck of a deal!) that we re-did to match the bed. It was an old ugly espresso color. But with a little love it is the perfect piece in this room. First we took off the hardware and filled any rough dents/dings with Elmer's Color Change Wood-Filler , then we slightly sanded the whole piece to just give the primer and paint something to grab onto. After that we primed it with Zinsser Primer (we actually used the spray paint version but I can't find it on Lowe's website) and it was amazing, it covered so well and only took one coat. The actual paint was some shade of white that I can't remember the name of. All I know for sure was that it was by Sherwin Williams, we did took coats of that (latex base by the way), then we covered the whole thing with Minwax Gloss Polycrylic to give it some shine and protect the finish. I learned the hard way with our dining room table that a Polycrylic is a MUST with any furniture piece. For the pulls we just sprayed them with satin nickel spray paint, I was going to switch them out but decided against it. The drawer pulls I wanted would have cost more than the dress itself and that's just crazy! The teal rug is from Target and the pictures are from Hobby Lobby. 

The next big project starts this weekend and I can't wait to share pictures! 

Oh hey internet!

I bet all zero of you thought I forgot about this old blog....nope. I'm just not cut out for the blogging life. My day-to-day life isn't all that exciting so I just never have much to write about and I usually end up feeling like I'm talking to myself or boring whoever stumbles upon this little space to death. But life is about to getting pretty exciting around here (no I'm not pregnant) for a bit. We are about to undertake some major home renovations and I need a place to put everything so I can pin it on Pinterest...yes lamest reason to blog EVER but oh well it is what it is. 

If anyone out there is reading this (although I'm pretty sure I have zero subscribers lol) I hope you are all well. :-)


Mini Kitchen Makeover

We put the final touches on our kitchen this weekend! Well actually it was my husband and stepdad, I was out of town with my mom when it was done. The only thing left is to find a new light fixture to go over the kitchen table but otherwise it's complete!

All of the "building" supplies are from Lowes(glass tile, faucet, etc), the decor items are from Hobby Lobby(my favorite place ever), and the teal cabinet is from Target. 

I finally got my white sink! It's my dream! :-)

Glass tile. 

I love this pretty cabinet. Yes it's where I'm storing all of my bento supplies.